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Product Screen Settings Guide

Most of today's computers are capable of displaying a great amount of colors that give a television like quality to your screen. Unfortunately, a great many computers have their video settings set to much less than they are capable of, depriving the user of much more enjoyable view.

To check and change your screen settings for optimal viewing pleasure, please exit your Blue Crystal Software Corporation product. Right-click on your desktop and select 'Properties' from the popup menu. Select the tab labeled 'Settings.' Please note: All settings can be changed back if you aren't comfortable with any of them after resetting them.

To change your 'Colors' setting:
Toward the bottom of this tab on the left hand side, there is a box labeled 'Colors.' If you drop down the combo box, you will see several settings: 16 colors, 256 colors, High color (16-bit), and True color (24-bit). The perfect setting for Kennel Connection (and most other applications, including browsing the internet) is High color (16-bit). Select this option. Note: If High color (16-bit) and True color (24-bit) aren't available from the drop down, then your video card may not support the better colors, or your video driver needs to be reinstalled. Please consult with the manufacturer of your computer about correcting this. In the meantime, to turn off the background colors in your product to allow you to comfortably use your system, from within the program click on File, Setup, System options. On the 'Local' tab, uncheck the box labeled 'Use color scheme.' Click 'Ok' to save the change. You will see a noticeable difference immediately.

To change your 'Resolution' setting:
On the 'Settings' tab on the right hand side, there is a box labeled 'Desktop area' or something comparable. In that box is a slider. If your setting is currently 640x480, slide the slider to the right to 800x600. This will make items on your screen seem smaller, while increasing the amount of data you can display.

To save your changes:
Click 'Apply' to save your changes. Your monitor may go blank for a few seconds while Windows makes the adjustments. You may also get a message or two from your system explaining what Windows is doing. On some systems, the computer may need to restart for the changes to take effect.

That's all there is to it! Remember: You can always change the settings back if you aren't comfortable with the new colors or the size of the text. Before you switch it back, though, please start your software product and view some of the screens to see how these changes affect the program.